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What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a nonsurgical skin treatment that uses a specialized device and exfoliation technique to create micro-channels within the surface of the dermis. This process prompts the natural regeneration of skin cells and stimulates collagen production to reveal tighter, younger-looking skin. Microneedling is a great treatment for all skin types, especially those who want to soften the appearance of wrinkles, rough skin texture, overly large pores, and minor scarring. If you have mild skin laxity, a series of cosmetic concerns, or simply wish to improve the overall appearance of your complexion, call Clearview Dermatology in Central Massachusetts today. Our team of skin care specialists can create a custom treatment plan that is unique to you. We look forward to serving you.

How is microneedling performed?

Microneedling is a minimally invasive therapy that is performed on-site at our boutique. To start, the treatment area will be gently cleaned to remove any makeup, dirt, and natural oils. Then, a numbing cream will be applied to the surface of the skin, and after a few minutes, a specialized device with tiny sterile needles will be used to lightly puncture the dermis. After your session, your skin will be red and mildly inflamed, but this is normal and will dissipate over a few days. As your skin continues the heal, your results will improve, revealing a smooth, youthful glow. Microneedling can also be safely combined with vitamin-rich serums and anti-aging products to boost your results.

Frequently Asked Questions About Microneedling

How much does microneedling cost?
In your consultation, our team will evaluate your skin in order to develop a personalized treatment plan. Afterward, we can discuss your treatment costs and the procedure itself in more depth. Clearview Dermatology frequently has discounts on skin treatment packages so ask about our current deals during your appointment.

What exactly is microneedling?
Collagen induction therapy, or microneedling, is a minimally invasive treatment designed to rejuvenate your skin. A natural fibrous protein, collagen helps keep your skin supple, smooth, and firm. As you get older, your natural supply of collagen is depleted and your skin becomes thin and loses elasticity. Microneedling causes small injuries to the skin across the face. These micro-injuries force your skin to increase its collagen production and generate new skin cell growth. After a short recovery period, your complexion looks firmer, brighter, and healthier.

Can I combine other treatments with microneedling?
In the microneedling process, channels are created in your skin that help other treatments to reach the lower layers of the dermis. For this reason, microneedling is commonly performed before other skin treatments, including special serums or PRP (platelet-rich plasma). During your initial consultation, our team will talk about what treatments would enhance your microneedling and which would most benefit your skin.

How many treatments are recommended for optimal results?
Usually, patients need 3 – 6 sessions in order to achieve the best possible results. However, the number of treatments you require will vary based on your skin condition and overall goals. Microneedling may be safely performed every 4 – 6 weeks as needed. During your consultation, we will estimate how many treatments you are likely to need. Once your aesthetic goals are reached, we suggest getting maintenance sessions about twice a year in order to maintain the results.

Is microneedling safe for everyone?
In general, microneedling is appropriate for all skin types and tones. Since the skin injuries created are so small, there are usually no side effects afterward. Microneedling can be performed on most skin areas, including the face, neck, arms, chest, thighs, and calves. Microneedling isn't recommended if you have used Accutane recently, as well as if you have an active skin infection, open wound, or herpes simplex. Additionally, you might not be able to get microneedling if you're pregnant, nursing, or undergoing radiation treatments.

Replenish Your Skin

Is your skin looking tired or dull? Treat yourself to a microneedling session at Clearview Dermatology. With this therapeutic remedy, you can reduce the appearance of fine lines, large pores, and rough skin texture. It can also produce an overall tighter and younger contour for those who are experiencing mild skin sagging. Get in touch with any of our locations in Leominster, Gardner, or Hudson, MA to schedule your private consultation.

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